Tianjin Port Authority. Tianjin China

Public interactive installations is taking its roots in this Regional Shopping Mall which overturns traditional approach to artistic experience. We are creating real time interactivity at very different scales and many different guises. The Mall has interactive types in areas from the Exterior up through its Interiors. It has the ability to draw its Consumers to become active participants and create content, so the audience becomes part of the Program as well as marketing the Malls consumer goods subsequently or unknowingly. The Regional Mall offers a unique, TECHNOLOGICALLY MEDIATED form of SELF EXPERIENCE and VERY PERSONAL MARKETING, which will be the most effective concept to practice.

Creating an enjoyable shopping experience and ensuring desired quality is accessible to all. We ensure benefit is shared by all through adding value, building brand recognition for our clients and their respective clients. We focus on re-inventing the meaning of leisure time based on customer needs. This Tianjin Regional Mall is a place to shop, relax, and be energized, aiming to create customer loyalty to the retail encounter we offer.


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