Nature as the Healer


It is the most gratifying of all human experiences.

Coping with ailments isn’t just a visit to the doctor’s office. It’s a journey.

It involves researchers. Physicians. Families.

A community. A space must be a destination of hope. Of health. And ultimately, of healing.



All walls of the interior may it be Stair hall, grand hall, hallway of all Areas of the interior will represent The CHINESE GENOME.

Even though the Exterior is Foreign Influenced the Interior represents PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of The Chinese PEOPLE.

Heritage, Culture, the Nation And countries of all ethnicities Are represented.

Creating a welcoming, clear, worthy and sensuous setting for patients, relatives and staff

The vision is to create a symbiosis between the hospital and its surroundings. A symbiosis where the individual elements form part of a natural cycle and create a “sensory hospital” that will position the Hospital as an exemplary and innovative spearhead in healthcare.

The project powerfully unites building design and landscape into an architectural whole providing patients, relatives and staff with the experience that focus is on the individual.

The project must be emphasized for its high and well-argued ambition level for healing architecture.

The healing potential of architecture is consistently translated into sensuous spaces – in an approach characterized by great variation and commitment at many different levels.”


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