HTL @ Shanghai Furniture Show

Unique Fluid Simple Elegant Contemporary Awe Inspiring... These are a few words to describe this booth. The structure in itself is transparent and in motion. The shape is natural like a block of ice that melts and change shape in time. Views inside and outside are changing as you traverse in any way. Ambiance is classy and modern. A cool way to present your products to potential clients.

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Exterior wall surrounding the area are wooden fins. The Negaative space between the fins can see through the interior. Gives interest, at a certain point the display are visible and as they travel the view changes. The fins will appear to be in motion as the passerby moves from one point to another.


This is the area where you will meet the client. This is the entrance and the exit points. Here is where you will present your products at the most unobstructive view of most if not all your products.


This area encompasses more that 80% of the whole booth area where transaction and discussions, sales pitches, presentations are taking place. Here are the focal point. Products are displayed in a very flexible way that can easily change at any time and any where you may need.